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Marketing Strategy 

The pace of change in technology has never been faster, and the effect this is having on the house buying and selling process is immense. Gone are the days where placing an advert in a local paper constituted ‘effective marketing’. In fact it is no accident that most of the digital aspects to property marketing are now owned by publishing and newspaper groups!

At Clear Properties we recognise and embrace this change with enthusiasm whilst retaining our commitment to offering a personal and individual service. To find out more information on how we use technology to create a modern, vibrant and efficient Estate Agency business please click on the links below 

   • Property Websites
   • Social Networking
   • Web TV
   • You Tube
   • Smart Phones & Tablets
   • ‘Apps’
   • Online Property Magazine
   • Web based Database
   • Modern Estate Agency, Traditional Values

Property Websites

It is a fact that around 95% of all purchase enquiries emanate from some interaction or other with the Internet.

The most prominent property portals are Rightmove and These websites have millions of views per year, and therefore play a major part in how people get to see details of properties for both sale and rent.

All of our properties feature on all of these websites – and more!

You can be assured that when you place your property on the market with us, your property is getting the widest Internet exposure possible.

Social Networking

The explosion in the social networking medium over the past few years has been enormous, with names such as Facebook and Twitter leading the way.

Whilst you may not necessarily have an account with these sites, or indeed can be bothered with them, the fact is that in this digital age they play an ever increasing part in how people communicate with each other. When it comes to properties for sale or to let this is no exception.

Clear Properties have our own Facebook & Twitter accounts which enable us to get your property out there to a much wider audience than many other Estate Agents, putting us at the cutting edge of Social Networking your property.

Web TV


As part of our membership of The Guild of Property Professionals, we have our own Web TV channel. This enables us to promote not only our services, but also our properties. The use of videoettes offers another dynamic way to market your property, so for a small extra charge, we can bring your property to life with professional narration and presentation.

You Tube

As with our Web TV channel, You Tube allows us to market properties in a way that perhaps appeals more to the younger or Internet savvy market. Using the videoettes that are available for a small extra cost to all of our clients, we can bring your property to life in a way that a normal brochure cannot.

Smart Phones & Tablets

The use of smart phones and tablets is on the increase, with most people nowadays possessing at least one of these mobile devices.

This presents another great opportunity for us to market your property via this medium. To do this we use something called QR (Quick Response) codes. Your property will be given a unique code which is generated by our database, and provides those buyers with modern mobile devices the opportunity to scan the code and get your property details uploaded instantly to their device.

This is particularly useful out of hours or when on the move, as any potential buyer can simply look in our window, scan the code and get your details.


Clear Properties have, in conjunction with Apple, developed our own app for iPhones and iPads allowing those with these devices to keep in touch with all the latest properties we have on the market.

In the coming months we hope to have an app to cover Android and other devices too.

Online Property Magazine

Membership of The Guild of Property Professionals allows us to produce a high quality, glossy magazine which contains all our properties for sale. This magazine is published every 6 weeks and provides readers with useful information on differing aspects of the property market as well as our own properties. On our website we have an electronic version with page turning software which presents all our properties in the best possible light. This is just another example of our commitment to the very latest in marketing.


Web Based Database

The database we use is web based, which means that buyers can register with us directly via the Internet. Potential buyers of your property also receive automatic weekly updates direct to their email account, which means that any new property that comes on or any price change can be notified to them quickly, efficiently and more importantly directly. The database also has the ability to send SMS text messages to potential purchasers.

Modern Estate Agency, Traditional Values

Whilst it is true that the way properties are marketed has changed for ever, the more traditional approach still has a place. After all, selling is a person to person thing and no amount of technology can replace this.

At Clear Properties we pride ourselves on our personal service. Being available to talk things through with both buyers and sellers is a vitally important part of the business of selling properties. With this in mind we have a commitment to provide the following to all our sellers and buyers:

  • We treat everyone in the way in which we would expect to be treated ourselves.
  • Honesty and transparency in everything we do.
  • We conduct our business in an ethical manner.
  • We provide opportunities for employees to show initiative and gain rewards for their performance.
  • We conduct our business with professionalism, and expert knowledge.
  • To provide a positive atmosphere which encourages learning and self development